Cast This Spell [Aside]

This spell of sadness and misery and blah-blah-blah whiny broken-heartedness is good fun and all that, but ... dang.
There are boys everywhere.
I'm not even really looking.
I mean, okay... I'm looking, but not trying to find or seek or go after.
In the mean time, literally everywhere I turn, goodlookin' boys are blocking my view.
At the track where I walk/jog in the evenings, on my lunch break at work in the food court, in the car stopped next to me at the stoplight, the bicyclist, at Target... everywhere.
I'm hoping this means I'm awakening again to the world of new romance.
Or maybe my eyesight is improving.
Or maybe the universe is tossing distracting little pieces of hot man flesh into my line of vision as momentary distractions.
Whatever it is -- I like it.

Now, if I could actually make eye contact.
One step at a time... *sigh*

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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