9/10 Stars

1. 2 of my 3 classes are awesome.
2. Tonight, we watched Gran Torino in Ethics in Philanthropy.
3. It was awesome.
4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXD8yOxIPB0
5. Clint Eastwood drank so much beer that I couldn't help but stop and get some on the way home.
6. It's warm but I'm drinking it. lol
7. The creepy man in the big, black, windowless van that sat smoking a cigarette and watching me unlock my car, situate my groceries, and drive away gave me the creeps. Then I saw that he was wearing a vest and bow tie... Can't decide if that makes it more or less creepy.
8. I ate my weight in Sweet Tart Hearts today, and now my tongue is raw and I think I developed diabetes.
9. What an excellent day. :)

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