Summer is Here

Summer's official start takes me
to this place -->

And here -->

 (after these brief commercial messages)

And, lastly,
here -->

If I got in 3 tv shows in one day on summer vacation, the grown ups must have slept in because we were kicked outside the minute the sun came up. Macaroni n' cheese and Kool Aid lunches were served on paper plates in our treehouse, and we had to 'wash up to our elbows' before we could officially come inside for dinner.
After dinner until dark, we were back at it: making warpaint from crushed stones in the creek; braiding flowers into Ginger's mane and trying to avoid a literal horse-bite from her momma, Jiggy; collecting the green mossy mess that floated down the creek but could be squeezed like a sponge until dry in your hand.
When the sun finally went down, we tossed a Nerf football at the power line running across the backyard. The scoring system involved getting the ball over the line, of course, but you got bonus points for actually making contact. Score!

They say that this way of growing up is lost nowadays. I hope not. I won't even pretend that my children won't have video games and cameras and iPods, but I am capable of unplugging/debattery-ing/simply saying "hand it over" and booting my future kids out the door.

I now spend hours a day on the computer and fidgeting with my phone, and these days pass without much of anything to remember.

But slimy green moss? Staining my hands, the sink, the carpet with walnuts I was determined to peel out of their juicy green skins? Trampoline gymnastics contests and using claybeds in the bottom of the creek as slip 'n' slides? Those memories are lasting. These are the experiences I choose to foster.

Sorry, I have to go now. I hear a popsicle falling out of the freezer door and someone just hooked up the new sprinkler on the water hose. See you back there, friends of Summer.

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