So Far Today

... I realized my shirt was super wrinkly in the back after I got to work. Tried to tuck it in. No luck. My Fridapathy just doesn't care. Wrinkly it is.

... I ate TWO donuts this morning after convincing myself I wouldn't have any. They were just that good. Plus, I'm hurt so I don't think it really counts against me.

... I tried to tough it out and go regular pain killers instead of vicodin. Ha! That lasted about 3 hours. I may need an intervention... but most likely not.

... I've dreamed about a nap since I rolled out of bed.

... I have zero motivation to work, but luckily I've got that whole gimpy-mouth thing in my favor.

... I feel incredibly guilty for not doing my workout last night. And then eating the donuts this morning. After having seconds of the dumplings and salad Cuma made for dinner last night...

... I thought I was much grumpier than I actually am, according to this blog. More "blah" than "rawr" I suppose.

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