Elementary, My Dear Watson

Putting on my Holmes hat for the next few days.
On a casual visit to the office, I asked about renewing my lease and all that that entails, since I have to decide by July 31st.
While there, I reported a broken fence board on my patio.
Then, I got up the gumption to ask what I've been meaning to since the day I moved in:
What should I do if I suspect that someone around me may be involved in something... unsavory? There was an assault reported last week, and that gave the extra little umph it took to take that first step.
Since said person makes no effort to hide his "efforts," they knew immediately who I was referring to and gave me some tips about who to call, what sort of information they might be looking for, and (most importantly) assured me that my name would not be included in any reports, paperwork, or shared with said individual.
So, now I'm on the lookout. I'm encouraged to notice what time of day is the most prevalent for activity and inform our security officer. Also, since I receive mail for "Monique's Childcare" and I've long suspected that was meant for next door, if I write it out for the apartment staff it would give them grounds to terminate the delinquent to my right. Something about not being allowed to run a business from an apartment or something.
In any case, keep an eye out and an ear to the ground and all that for me if you would.
I'm kind of freaked out about it all.

Otherwise, work is good. Summer is good. Things are good. :)

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