Pity Party Moment

Not to whine... Well, maybe a little bit, but...

1. My tooth ACHES. Stinking dentist who never got back to me to schedule my very necessary root canal. Boooo. I guess I'll have to man up and call him. Lame.

2. No internet at home still. Hopefully, the technician will be able to fix it tonight, though if I'm still in this much pain, it may not be a pleasant experience for either of us.

3. My phone is MIA. After submerging it yesterday, it's been chilin' in a bag of rice, and I'm hoping it works, but no promises.

I think that's pretty much it.
But man, it feels miserable right now.
I slept for over 12-ish hours last night, and I'm still exhausted.

Museum guests, I'm sorry for the potentially terrible service I provide to you today.

If the dang tooth would just stop throbbing, I think the rest would dull too,
but for now -->     :-(

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