Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend... But Shoes Are Important Too

Today, like most days, I've been thinking about relationships. Friends, family, lovers, etc.
All the different kinds of relationships, and how each has a role in our lives, and each has particular idiosyncrasies that help us define it as the kind of relationship it is.

And then for some reason (most likely because I'm a chick and we think about these things) I started thinking about shoes. I'm not a huge shoe person. I like pretty and comfortable things. Nothing too extravagant or designer or any of that, but I would say I have a healthy appreciation for a good shoe.

And when you put the two together? That's right. You get a good ol' fashioned Sarah-esque analogy.

Bear with me...

As with a pair of shoes, something draws you to a relationship in the first place. Maybe your parents picked them out for you, or someone you know has them and so you have to have them too. Maybe you thought they were pretty, or you needed a certain type for a new activity or hobby you're taking up. Whatever the case may be, something drew you to those shoes... err, that relationship.

As with new shoes, sometimes a new friendship takes some getting used to. Maybe it's not exactly your size, and you try to squeeze yourself into it anyway (which never works out, let me tell you). Or maybe it fits pretty well, occasionally rubbing you the wrong way inducing a few blisters, but eventually you break them in. Sometimes, they fit just right from the beginning - comfortable from Day One.

There are some shoes you wear for years, and some for a one time thing (like a wedding or graduation). Some you out grow and give away, while some you outgrow but you keep tucked away because you just can't give them up. The times you did have are too important, too much a part of who you are to simply toss them out, even if you may not ever be able to wear them again. Sometimes, even old, comfortable ones start to fall apart, worn out by constant use and wear.

The balance, I guess, is finding how to incorporate new, blister-causing ones with older, more comfortable ones. Which ones go to Goodwill and which ones remain in the closet for another year. How many blisters you have to suffer from a certain pair of shoes before you throw in the towel... unless they're really, really cute and worth the pain, which seems like it happens more often than not.

And sometimes, we lose shoes for no other reason than we outgrow them. They fit before, and served us well, and we couldn't be where we are without them, but they just don't fit anymore. If we continue to try to shove our gigantic foot into those shoes of our youth, we're eventually going to bust them at the seams and cause ourselves to develop tendinitis.

I know it's not a perfect analogy, since friendship and relationships are much more multifaceted than shoe-wearing. It's just something to think about.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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