Being 24

I'm older and tired already. haha.
Laser tag, putt putt, and arcade games were the bomb!
The after party rocked as well. Thanks to my roommate for decking out our swingin' ladies lair. :)
I slept a lot Saturday... ;)
Jilly's bachelorette party included sushi and little black dresses and derby hats. Swimming, memory lane, and Doritos. I must say it was pretty spectacular... even if I did crash a little earlier than the others.

This morning, we had the Walking for Dreams fundraiser for Westminster's after-school programs. It was a bit of a downpour while we were setting up, but it cleared up pretty nicely for the actual walk. We had a good-sized team walking for WestMin.
I got a new Self magazine with a 2-weeks to Bikini Ready workout.... I did the first one just now. It kinda hurt like heck. We'll have to wait and see how that one goes.

Now, I have 2 weeks to finish Ashley's wedding present.
Looking forward to being a Route Marshal in the 500 Festival Memorial Day Weekend Parade on Saturday, and then Cincy to visit Mandy and Cody on Sunday!

Welcome to my summer life. <3

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