American Revolution
Battle of Barren Hill, Pennsylvania, 1778
Street in front of the White House closed to traffic, 1995
Civil War
Union Congress passes the Homestead Act, 1862
Cold War
United States drops hydrogen bomb over Bikini Atoll, 1956
Mary Kay Letourneau marries former victim, 2005
Plane crashes at Cairo airport, 1965
General Interest
Vasco da Gama reaches India, 1498
Christopher Columbus dies, 1506
The Homestead Act, 1862
Spirit of St. Louis departs, 1927
Battle for Hamburger Hill ends, 1969
Supreme Court defends rights of homosexuals, 1996
The Simpsons airs 400th episode, 2007
W.H. Auden becomes a U.S. citizen, 1946
Frank Sinatra is laid to rest, 1998
Old West
Levi Strauss patents copper-riveted jeans, 1873
Lincoln signs Homestead Act, 1862
Sunday Silence wins Preakness by a nose, 1989
Vietnam War
French see "light at the end of the tunnel" in Vietnam, 1953
Kennedy criticizes the "Hamburger Hill" battle, 1969
World War I
British renew attacks in Battle of Festubert, 1915
World War II
Germans break through to English Channel at Abbeville, France, 1940

"24 years ago a little baby came into the world this day and changed my world to happy." - Aunt Sissy <3

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