What the Stars are Saying

You may not be feeling overly optimistic today, but it's a smart strategy to fake an air of confidence anyway (story of my life). You could receive recognition now for your ability to see the potential in a situation and to rally others to your cause. But don't exaggerate your ideas, or you'll lose support when it becomes obvious that you cannot fulfill all your big promises. It's more advantageous now to offer less and deliver more than anyone expects.

Focus on your nearest and dearest today, and don't hesitate to show your loyalty. While it's good to show your support, be careful not to interfere unnecessarily in someone else's life.

If you feel like you've been treading water in your relationship life for too long, you're going to finally make some headway this week. Your communicative ruling planet Mercury turns direct on Saturday to slowly start moving you in a productive direction. Just be patient because the first impressions you make (and are made on you) this weekend are not very likely to last.
Your personal Tarot card for the day
The Devil: Put convention aside and be empowered by revealing your passionate nature.
Interesting.... I've never willingly embraced my inner devil before. Perhaps we can call him an imp instead? Like Puck - a little mischevious, a little brazen, but mostly good in the end.

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