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Very done being a Debbie Downer. ick.
Today, the high is 85 degrees! I can't begin to describe my excitement.
Getting some QT with Jesus this morning before volleyball practice. First game tomorrow!
I have about 80 loads of laundry piled up (figure slightly exaggerated).
I have 2 major semester projects due next week...
The Walking for Dreams event for Westminster Neighborhood Ministries is so much closer than when I left for vacation! Ack! So, I need to send a few emails today. Maybe print a few flyers and spend Monday going around to campuses and businesses recruiting walkers. I hope it's 80 degrees again. :)
My little teensy tiny baby sister turns 13 this week... My heart just skipped a couple of beats. Urgh. She's not supposed to grow up. Didn't she watch my video? She used to take naps on my chest as a baby and now we can share the same clothes. This is all just a little much like reality.
I miss my brother Calib something awful. I haven't seen him in ages. It's not like he's terribly far away. I think a plane ride to Texas is only a couple of hours. Perhaps I shall pop in for a surprise visit soon. Not even really sure why I miss the little punk. He's nothing but a jerk to me... But then, as is made obvious by recent life choices, I guess I like that sort of thing. It probably all stems from my childhood with my jerky brother anyway, or so Dr. Phil would say.
I have some time before church. I think I'll go make some coffee, and sip it on the back patio while listening to the birds greet the day.
So maybe not everything is super-dee-duper great, but a full night's sleep just did wonders for my emotional wellbeing.
 Oh, not to mention, I kept a small memento from my trip. :)

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