I stopped at the closest IMCPL branch in Glendale after work on Tuesday to pick up a few more titles from the BBC's Top 100. I'm about four chapters into (how fitting is this?) Great Expectations by the one and only Charles Dickens. I also picked up 1984 by George Orwell. At first, I had trouble finding any of the books on the list until I realized they have a whole separate section for "Literary Classics" right out in the front, in the open... with big signs designating the area. Doh!
Also, I feel that professor should give me extra credit points for reading Dickens, even if I should actually be trying to finish my semester projects. psh. I did finish one of them yesterday though!
Two papers and an internship portfolio to go and then I'm free!
Anyway, just wanted to update on the BBC. I finished Rebecca on Spring Break, and you can check out my reviews and/or what I'm currently reading with the MyLibraryThing gadget to the right over there.

While we've got a minute, I'd love to share with you. I had a hilarious encounter at work this morning.
I was finishing up my weekly 10 hrs at RCF this morning, and I hopped over to the closest cubical to ask about bugbites. My forearms have been torn up, and there are gross bites all up down them. I was freaking out thinking we had fleas or spiders or ... eww. You get the idea.
Turns out, after a consultation of about 5 employees conferencing around my bites, that I have a serious case of chiggers. I guess I got into some when I was weeding and planting out on the patio this weekend.
It's pretty disgusto.
Anyway, as you may know, the best cure is to cover the bites with finger nail polish. Luckily, someone from another department happened to have some shiny, shimmery white polish, which was dabbed on by yet another coworker of mine. As she was applying the polish, our head Human Resources lady peeked out from her office to see what all the commotion was about. She has apparently never heard of chiggers before so I had to tell her all about the burrowing, and larvae-ing, and eating your skin tissue.... She was obviously delighted to learn such things at 9:30am on a Thursday.
Finally, the cure was applied, the itching stopped, and 11 o'clock rolled around so I got head on over to the Museum.
Whew. Who'd have thought chiggers could take up so much of a morning, eh?

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