A Parable... Or an Analogy... A Fable, Maybe...

The Facts:

Jack loved bacon.
Jack loved Jill.
Jill loved Jack.
Jill had an intense, anaphylactic, coma-inducing allergy to bacon.
Jill was not allergic to the sight of bacon or the sound of bacon, though bacon fumes were deadly, but she felt nauseous at the sight of or to hear about bacon, knowing what it could do to her.
Jack knew that to have bacon in his system, or even on his breath would cause Jill's allergy to react violently.
Jack realized that he could not continue to enjoy bacon and have Jill at the same time.
Jack struggled with this for a long, long time.
Jack and Jill sometimes parted ways, so that Jack could give in to his bacon cravings.
Jill finally had enough and told Jack to enjoy his bacon, and his Jill-less life.
Jack mulled this over for a while, and eventually realized that he wanted Jill more than he wanted bacon.
Jack requested an audience with Jill to assure her that he was done with his bacon cravings, he'd given it up, and Jill was the solid choice.
Jill was glad to hear this, though cautiously optimistic at best. She knew that giving up a thing you had loved for so long was pretty tough, even when you give it up for the right reasons.
Jill decided to give Jack a chance to try.
Jill very quickly came to learn that
Jack kept an unopened package of bacon in his refrigerator.
Jill felt nauseous just to see it.
Jill confronted Jack.
Jack assured Jill that he loved her much more than bacon.
Jill didn't understand why Jack kept the bacon if he was never going to eat it, and worried about the psychological strain on Jack seeing it every day but not being able to have it.
Jill also knew how much Jack loved bacon before.
Jack didn't understand why Jill made such a big deal. It was just a package of bacon, and he'd assured her that he was completely finished with the cravings, and would not ever be eating another piece.
Jill still felt uneasy about it, knowing the only thing saving her from certain, bacon-related death was Jack's willpower to not have the bacon that sat on the shelf day after day.

Jill was faced with a dilemma. She did not feel that she had any right to tell Jack not to keep bacon in his own refrigerator, but she also had no desire to go anywhere near the kitchen where the bacon was stored, and avoiding Jack's kitchen would result in avoiding Jack.

And so...

(That's all I've got: the facts. Not quite sure how they fit together to make a proper ending.)
(I guess it's mostly an analogy then, since fables and parables have a moral to the story...)
(Oh, and no talking animals, which rules out the fable, but I guess I could add a line about the bacon smiling or something. But then, I'm sticking to the facts, and I think I'd need medication if I actually thought bacon was smiling...)

What do you think, dear reader?
What should Jack do?
What should Jill do?

What becomes of Jack and Jill?

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  1. Jill needs to take herself OUT of the Jack + bacon (unopened or not) equation, in my opinion. When Jack is forced to confront his love of bacon on his own terms, and because he is doing it for himself, only then can both Jack and Jill be certain of Jack's true, unfailing intentions... vis a vie the bacon and Jill.