Doubting Thomas

If the doubt you say you feel includes something like you giving yourself completely to me, falling madly, desperately in love, drowning in happiness and tickle fights and trying to be a better man, actually risking the chance at being the kind of man that I deserve and letting the chips fall...
and then missing your chance with you-know-who (see what I did there? Harry Potter style) at some unforeseen juncture in the future.
Maybe a year or 3 years or 20 years from now, she's suddenly within your grasp and you
 'can't have her'
because you are

I'm not saying these things make up your doubt, but if any of them are even remotely close, well, I've got a secret fore you -
The man who ends up
is stuck with a lifetime of happiness, and holding hands, and talking things out, and making me laugh when I'm pouting, and sitting together in front of the fire reading classic novels, and teasing my taste in Country music but admiring my awesome taste in TV/Movies (LOST, Firefly, Starship Troopers, Ace Ventura... you know it's true).
And he'll have to put up with lots of homemade gifts - knitted hats, scarves, and mittens. A photo collage for Valentine's Day. One of those "Decorate It Yourself" mugs, with the little slip of paper full of my doodlings for his birthday. Quotes all over everything - mirrors and calendars, sticky notes on the fridge, little love notes quoting the great lovers of the past.
And so many pictures. Sheesh.
Taking them.
Posting them.
Framing them.
He's also got a pretty long wait for any potential walks down the aisle.... No going to the chapel for this little lady for a while. My aunt (who I would readily claim as my role model) dated her husband for ELEVEN years before they got married. My grandparents dated for four whole years - and they started out in the era of 'going steady' early 1960s! Oh, and my parents? Together for over 15 years... never married. So, let's just say, if he's in a rush to get me in a white dress, he's got another thing coming.
He will never have to wonder if I'm being faithful, to him. to us. He'll have to keep tabs on his own cell phone bill, because I won't be going through it with a red pen, calling up any unidentified numbers to make sure that mystery area code is not a "she."
He'll probably have a terrible time accepting my faith, since I won't be shoving it down his throat. I won't be denying it; I just won't be preaching at him. I'm more of an "actions speak louder than words" kind of believer.
Probably the worst news of all for the unsuspecting chap, I've come to absolutely adore a good, cold beer. Gosh, that's going to suck for him, knowing that I count beer and wings as an acceptable date? Poor guy. Not even sure how he'll be able to handle that.
He'll learn pretty quickly that I can be a bit of a brat, a tad whiny on occasion, but no one would describe me as "prissy" or particularly difficult. I like camping, and fishing, and shooting... and I like salsa dancing, and wine tastings, and art galleries. I want to travel the world and settle down and raise a family some day.
...we won't even go into the adventures we'll have behind closed doors. ;) He'll be so used to spooning, he won't even remember what a fork and knife are used for. Kisses. Oh. So many kisses. <3
That poor man who gets
He's going to be winning one heck of a heart, if I do say so myself.

So, go ahead. Have your doubts. Wonder what you'll be missing out on if you ever actually man up and make a decision - one way or the other.
I'll tell you this, that man who gets
will never be in a position to wonder if he's mine or not. He WILL be mine. No questions asked. No way in Hades I'm going to give some other little hussy the opportunity to try to step in and claim what's mine. He'll be so busy trying to keep up with me (even if I am half way across the world), he won't have time to look sideways at some other girl. And you better believe that if he did, I'd know. And I'd yank a knot in his chain before we straightened things out with a good long heart to heart, followed by some rigorous horizontal cha cha.
I'm not jealous hearted, but what's mine is mine.
You're not mine (by your own choosing - Lord knows I tried to make it so), so as I said, go ahead and have your doubts.
I don't have time to worry.
I'm too excited for that poor man who's going to be

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