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When did every person in America become so important that they simply have to answer their cell phones the moment they ring?

In a dark movie theater? - Answer the phone in your seat, with the light brightly flashing, and then walk through the crowd to the hallway while carrying on your conversation.

Driving in rush hour traffic? Or behind a school bus? Or any time, really? - Dig around in your pockets, your purse, the floor board, turn the radio down, lean back and search in the backseat until you find that phone. So you're supposed to be concentrating so as not to smash your several-hundred-pound vehicle into any of the surrounding several-hundred-pound vehicles? No biggie.

In the middle of a tour at history museum, given by a lovely, well-informed, young guide named Sarah? Say "Hold on a minute.", answer the phone, make your plans, inform your caller that you are in the middle of the tour and will call them back. Hang up. Expect tour to carry on as if it had merely been "Paused" on the screen.


It's pretty rude, when you think about it.
We talk on the phone while checking out at the grocery store, on dates and at meetings, when we're eating or peeing. It's become so urgent that we answer the phone simply because it's ringing.

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but...

You're really just not that special or important.

Very rarely is any call so vital that it must be answered right away. Unfortunately, "Do we have milk?", "I'll be there in 10 minutes.", and "Gah! I swear I'm gonna kill my sister if she doesn't stop... blah blah blah-ing" are not emergencies.

If you're driving, you'll be home in 20 minutes - call them back.
If you're on a tour, it's almost over - call them back.
If you're eating, or in class, or at the movies - unless some one's on a ledge, they can wait. Call them back.

C'mon people.

It's almost enough to make me consider a land line just to prove that it's possible to receive a call and return it later when it's convenient for me. I have no desire to be a slave to the cell phone.

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