A Penny Saved Is... in the pool?

The Heminway house in Key West is one of the first on the island to be fitted with indoor plumbing, and the first on the island to have an upstairs bathroom with running water, fed from a roof rain cistern.

Mr. Hemingway lived here with his wife Pauline from 1931 - 1939.

The story goes that Ernest's dearly loved wife (sarcasm) insisted on surprising her husband with a new feature to their home upon his return from a tour as correspondent in the Spanish Civil War.
Ol' Ernest returns home in 1938 to find that Pauline has installed a $20,000 swimming pool, the first inground pool in Key West. In fact, it was the only pool for 100 miles.

Outraged at the astronomical price, it's said that Mr. Hemingway exclaimed, "Here, take the last penny I've got!" and pulled the aforementioned coin from his pocket and pressed it into the wet concrete where it remains embedded next to the pool to this day.

And so...

  The two divorced in 1940.

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