My Heart Explores the World with Wonder for Mine is an Adventurous Heart

Life is an adventure.
I am an explorer.
The world I experience lies within me.
The adventures I undertake are within me as well as in the world.
I am wonderful and mysterious.
I have depths and heights which are beautiful and expansive.
As the world is magnificent, so am I.
We are one Life, one substance, one growth moving toward fuller love.
As I open my heart to the adventure of living, my horizons broaden and my path becomes clear.
I choose an expansive life.
I choose adventure, freedom, self-expression.
I choose self-definition, self-love, self-renewal.
Life expands or contracts according to my expectations.
I expect good things and that is what I experience.
Viewing the world, I choose to be interconnected yet independent.
My horizons stretch ever wider...
I am an adventurer, an explorer, a dreamer whose dreams become true.
I embrace the adventure of life.
I have courage.

[Prayers & Declarations for a Meaningful Life]

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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