Midnight Mischief

Last night, as we're getting ready to leave the dance club, some random guy starts dancing all up on my girl Chelsey. Then, another random fellow behind me feels like he has rights to my person (who taught these people manners? anyone? anyone? Bueller? sheesh) and the mauling, errr, dancing, proceeds. Anyway, I lean forward to Chelsey over the music and say, "I hate boys." She just laughs. Her dance partner overhears the convo and starts giving me a lecture about how he's a decent guy and he isn't trying to into anybody's pants, but that he just likes to dance. I try to assure him that my comment had nothing to do with him personally, but just at the moment, I'm over boys and all their ish.
"So what? You just gonna be a lesbian?" he asks.
I reply, deadpan and with eye contact, "It's an option."

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