Come Together... Right Now... Over Me...

I love it when things start coming together! Things like my life, for instance.
Yesterday was the bomb. I was so incredibly productive.

I finally bought the printer cord I've needed for the last 3 years. Now, I have a functioning color printer at home again. All this time, and the cord was only $19.95...

I also bought materials to make my very first sewing project on my new sewing machine. I started out with a pre-fab apron pattern (which took me all evening), but I'm feeling much better about thread tension and stitch speed. This is important as I plan to begin the massive project that will be my memory t-shirt quilt. I've wanted one for ages, and to be honest, that's pretty much the main reason I wanted a sewing machine in the first place. I hear they are beastly, though, even for more experienced sewers. We shall see, I suppose.

I also consulted one of my good friends from college who majored in finance in order to set up my Retirement Investment Mix in the most effective way. I'm so lucky to know people who know what they're talking about. :)

I also called to set up a dentist appointment yesterday, and they actually had an opening at 8:00am this morning. So my teeth are freshly scraped, polished, and flossed. I'm going to visit a root canal specialist to see about the best way to fix that little broken back molar issue I've had going on for a couple of years now. Apparently, it wouldn't be a big deal except my wisdom teeth are impacted, and the root of my broken tooth sits diagonally in the direction of the wisdom tooth. This could lead to a transfer of bacteria/infection and such. i.e. No good. Anyway, they're going to do a little consulting and fix me up real good; I just know it!
While at the dentist this morning, the hygienist begins by telling me I have "absolutely beautiful teeth" and she's stunned at how well I've taken care of them (considering I haven't had a cleaning in over 2 years. Silly lack of health insurance.). Then, the dentist comes in and starts peering around inside my mouth. After a moment or two, he asks,
"Where are you from?"
I'm a bit startled, since he asks while closely examining my molars...
"I'm from Brown County," I reply.
He nods his head, as if to say, I thought so.
Seriously? My teeth are in such shape that you're going to call me out for being hick-ified just from looking at them?
"I saw your area code on the information card, and I figured it had to be Bloomington or somewhere in that area."
Somewhat joking, I laugh and tell him of my concern that he could tell where I was from just by looking at my teeth.
He lets out a hearty laugh and says, "No. No. Maybe Kentucky!" Hardy har har. "But no, not with these teeth, it wouldn't be Kentucky."
And the hygienist in the background, "Doesn't she have beautiful teeth?"
Okay, Mr. Dentist, you won me over again, I suppose. :)

I also did Pilates, the dishes, read a chapter in the latest novel, and made it to bed by 11:30-ish pm.

Call me "Captain Get-Things-Done."

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