Alone or Lonely?

Today has been emotionally exhausting. I say this, not in a negative way, but as a fact.
There used to be a time, way back in the day, when I preferred to be alone because it left me time to read. I liked reading so much, they had to tell me to eat or get out of the car or get into bed because I was always reading.

I did a bit of reading today. I finished "13 Reasons Why," which is a novel about teen suicide. Pretty heavy stuff for a Sunday morning. Needless to say, it's difficult to get into another book right away when you've just left that world of despair.
For the first time in ...I'm not sure how long... I've been entirely alone today.
I spoke to few people on the phone, and had a few text conversations, a little bit of facebooking but zero face-to-face human interaction. I did go for a walk earlier on the track at the middle school across the street. That was super nice. I cranked up the tunes and jammed my way around the track a few times. I even met some very nice dogs. :)
Anyway, I wonder if it's a sign of some mental issue when you literally can't be alone.
It's not like I didn't try to distract myself from the fact that I was alone, but
My mind was racing way too much to read.
I watched part of Zathura on tv, but that was lame the first time I watched it.
I finally straightened my hair about an hour ago, which was terrible because it's all unhealthy from needing a trim, so I'm pretty sure I pulled out as much hair as was straightened.
I'm not sure what the next step is with the 'alone' thing. Do I accept that it's part of my nature to genuinely need human interaction? Or do I challenge myself to become good at being alone with myself? I don't even know where to start that one.
There were lots of things I could have done today. Emails that need to be sent out for my internship. Laundry. Lectures. Projects for my classes. Cleaning (as always). It was kind of frightening to have no motivation to do anything whatsoever... especially with the reading. I don't even know this person I'm morphing into. I used to have NO friends. None. Nada. I remember yelling at my brother back in Jr High when one of our cousins came to have a sleepover with me, but she wanted to hang out with him instead of me. Yeah. Literally, NO friends.
So now, I can't exist without them? I don't know about all that. Seems a bit extreme, if you ask me.
For now, I think, I'll try to get started on the next book. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. It's a 1938 tale of romantic suspense and on the BBC's Top 100.
Lots of stuff going on tomorrow, so I suppose I won't have to face this issue again for at least a week. Perhaps I'll devise a plan of attack for next Sunday. I refuse to spend another day on the emotional rollercoaster this one turned out to be.

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