Valentine's Day

I've been very impressed with the movie selection on tv this week, and it only just hit me tonight that it's because it's almost Valentine's Day... So I'm a little slow. Ah well, I suppose I'll just keep enjoying my chick flix.

The past week or so has been pretty productive. I've made my way back to the treadmill in the evenings.

"Whuthering Heights" is going well. The comedic aspects have been toned down a bit, though I will continue to cite sarcasm and teasing in the face of Bronte's societal mores. It has too much of a bite to it to be classically "funny," but the subtle picking at class systems, prejudices, Bible-thumpers, and degenerates remains so far with just enough humor to keep in interesting.

I'm finally turning in all of my full time paperwork tomorrow. It's expensive to have benefits! So excited to get to the dentist, though (I know. I'm a freak. Just don't judge me until you can't go to the dentist when you need to. Then you'll understand.).

I'm really pulling for Panama City Beach for Spring Break. If we book it in the next week or so, we're looking at less than $500 for a week, including flight and hotel within walking distance of the beach! I should have plenty left over to get a new bikini or two, and I see them on sale everywhere these days! Hooray!

Unfortunately, all of this productivity makes me very sleepy or, perhaps, I'm depressed. In any case, I'm averaging over 10 hours a night, which should be awesome, but I'm so sleepy all the time. If Winter could just go away, I think I might be cured. Well... hopefully.
Speaking of, it's way past my bedtime.
Goodnight, Moon.

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