Just Your Average Tuesday Night


You've been dating someone for about a year now. For the most part, you keep it pretty casual. Not a lot of future talk or anything, and you're happy with that. It's been a bit of a process to figure the whole 'relationship' thing since neither of you has a whole lot of experience in that area and, let's be honest, even people with some experience are generally lost as well. 
So, things are going well. You're quickly approaching the Year-iversary of your first date, and it's Valentine's Day weekend, so there's naturally a little extra sap in the blood. Of the two of you, you're not the more affectionate one. It's not really something you're used to, and you enjoy it when it happens but you rarely initiate it.
You're watching a Ben Affleck/Gwyneth Paltrow movie right before bed and one of the characters says, "Yours is the last voice I want to hear before I go to sleep at night, and the first face I want to see in the morning." And your sappy, gooey heart soaks it all up and says, "Awwwww."
You then decide that, while you never do anything of the sort, you're going to call your sweetheart and say goodnight.
After all, look how happy it just made Ben and Gwyn, right?
Because it's very out of the norm for you, and wildly out of your comfort zone, you have to build yourself up to it for several minutes to press "Call". You're embarassed the entire time it's ringing, and breathe a sigh of relief when it goes to voicemail. Whew. Dodged a bullet there. It's a nice thought, but to actually go through with it? Silly you.
Several minutes later, you're more than half asleep, and your phone rings. You know who it it. Blast. Now you're caught. Might as well suck it up and say (nervously) what you needed to say, "Oh, I didn't need anything. I just watched a gooey movie on tv and wanted to call and say goodnight."
The response you're hoping for is...
"Wow, this is really clingy of you. Really gay and clingy. I'm in the middle of something. Go be on your period. This is really clingy."


Lesson Learned: Never ever ever ever put yourself out on a limb/make yourself vulnerable in anyway. You're going to get shut down, called names, and then considered crazy because you get upset about it, and asked with genuine puzzlement, "Why [are you upset]?" (which is the response you'd hope for, right?)

Got it, chief.

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