Happy [last] Saturday [in February] !

Last night I had an awesome time with my friend Kristen at the "Cage the Elephant" concert at the Vogue. I'm not particularly familiar with them, but it was a blast! They were very entertaining, even not knowing the music, which is always a bonus.
Then, we stopped by "Bryan's" place to check out the party, and *ta da* my girl, Kristen, leaves in tears. I saw the two of them chatting on the couch for a bit, and didn't think anything of it. As we're leaving, she tells me that his general mode of conversation with her involved calling her stupid, fat, and a b*tch. Unattractive may have been in there as well.
He's a real charmer, that Bryan....

Something's gotta give.

In other news,
Birthday dinner with my friend Pam tonight! We're headed to the Cheesecake Factory downtown! It will be delicious. And we'll all be super hungry since the wait is bound to be an hour and a half on a Saturday night (they wouldn't let her make a reservation).

Afterwards, she and some other people are headed out on the town. I'm usually up for such shenanigans. Today, however, I'm pretty tired from being out late last night and working a full day today. Instead, I plan to head back to the northside after dinner for some long overdue snuggle time with my main squeeze. <3

So glad it's finally the weekend....

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