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Losing my laptop for the next few weeks has kind of forced me to reconsider my approach to classes, work, social gatherings, and such. I find myself re-examining my schedule to be sure I get class projects in on time (or early, preferably). I've also had A LOT of coffee this morning - think 2 refills on a Venti. I'm all hopped up on caffiene. :)
Just from the little bit of time I've spent today marking everything down on the calendar, I'm feeling much more settled and better off than I started today.
Having a crazy work schedule, that involves some days starting at 8am and others at 9:30 is a bit unsettling, especially when it comes to setting my alarm clock. Last night, I passed out at 9pm. ...
Let me say that again,
last night, I passed out at 9 o'clock p.m. Wowzers.
Needless to say, my brain was not functioning very highly when I dragged myself upstairs to crawl into bed, so I simply turned the alarm on and didn't bother to check its set time.
So, I woke up with about 10 minutes to get ready this morning. And I did it! I left on time! Only to discover that I had left purse at home, so I still ended up being 20 minutes late because of that minor delay.

All in all, though, it's been a pretty good day so far. It's going by pretty quickly. I'm getting the hang of my 'second' job in Gift Processing. I'm so very terrible with numbers, which may be more of a confidence issue than any real brain block that I might have. Just knowing that I'm going to be working with account numbers, gift receipts, and large figures puts me on edge when I arrive in the mornings. Slowly but surely I'm getting there. Side note: If I had ever even remotely entertained the idea of becoming an accountant, rest assured, I'm cured of that particular deluded thought. No thank you.
I got really excited about some projects at the Museum today too. We've been engaged in a campaign to establish community relationships with surrounding small business owners, which has gone fairly well. We are still brainstorming new and exciting ways to connect with a larger audience, and this next phase of the project should be a lot of fun. It looks like I may get to work some with the Hospital staff, which is a HUGE untapped resource for us. Here's hoping!
The weather, of course, has been awesome this week. Just... awesome. :)
Some girls and I are planning to meet up at Steak n Shake for a deliciously greasy dinner and then walk it off as we explore downtown a bit. Can you say new Facebook photos? Yes please.
It also seems to be a pretty quiet weekend with my roomie off to NYC. Hooray for her! You may recall that I was supposed to accompany her, however, I have tests tomorrow morning that can not be rescheduled, so I had to forgo the adventure this time. :(
Oh well, she'll just have to go again!

I spoke with the lovely Cassie B. yesterday afternoon and she'll be sending me a check via snail mail so that I can book our Spring Break trip! Holla!

Incredibly pumped for Sand Volleyball too. I think we've got a team together of 8 or 9 people. All we have to do now is register and find an awesome deal on team t-shirts. As assitant coach, I gladly take on that duty. I love me some comemorative tees!

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