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I'm not usually particularly political, so bear with me. Lots of people have been posting things about the goings on in the Indiana Capitol building, and I'd like to put my 2 cents in.
It seems to me that our state government has a pretty interesting way of prioritizing how to spend our hard earned tax dollars... So far this year, Indiana has banned gay marriage, encouraged early graduation for students as young as 16 with scholarships for high school seniors who graduate a year early, and put an end to "Press 1 for English." Regardless of where you stand on these matters, I guess I feel that there are some other issues that take precedence. For example,

  • In Indiana, we average 1 murder every 25 hours, 1 forcible rape every 5 hours, 1 robbery every 84 minutes, and 1 aggravated assault every 41 minutes.

I'm not saying that Indiana isn't taking care of business. If you don't like the decisions being made by our elected representatives, I hope you're doing something about it. I'm just wondering the method used by Indiana officials to prioritize the tackling of our statewide issues...

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  1. Don't forget about SB 577. It is a bill that will cut education benefits that go to the children veterans who are classified as being disabled due to military service.

    Oh and the new gun law that allows fire arms in public places such as Lucas Oil stadium.

    All these bills and cuts are making me depressed – come spring, come.