Billy Joel - Tell Her About It

I have zero sympathy for dudes these days. Everything you'd ever need to know about women and what we want/need... It's all out there, just waiting to be discovered, absorbed, and put into practice. It doesn't get much clearer than this. 

Tell her about it, let her know how much you care.
When she can't be with you, tell her you wish you were there.
Tell her about it, everyday before you leave.
Pay her some attention, give her something to believe.

Cause now and then, she'll get to worrying
Just because you haven't spoken for so long.
Though you may not have done anything
Will that be a consolation when she's gone?

Listen boy, it's good information
From a man who's made mistakes.
Just a word or two that she gets from you
Could be the difference that it makes.
She's a trusting soul, she's put her trust in you
But a girl like that won't tell you what you should do.

Maybe I should also start a self-help section to this blog. Not for myself, of course, I'm pretty splendid as is. ;)
 I guess it would be an others-help section.

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