"Wuthering Heights"

As promised, I've started my way down the BBC's Top 100 list.
My first stop is #7. Wuthering Heights.
I read a bit last night - the first 3 chapters.... and it's hysterical!

The narrator, who's a bit full of himself and his 'manners' manages to make the most obvious social blunders before you get to page 10!

When the ferocious dogs of the home descend on the lone Mr. Lockwood in the sitting-room, he cries out for help. The "lusty" cook is the only one willing to come to his rescue. However, the scene changes when she charges into the room, wielding a frying pan at the pack of dogs, which disperse just in time for Mr. Heathcliff to make it into the room.... and it seems that Mr. Lockwood is in dire need of saving from the cook, not the dogs!

Lockwood calls the next day, and finds the gate locked but hops the fence anyway?? He's  clearly all manners, that guy... When he does get inside and situates himself for tea, he manages to offend everyone present with his mistaken understanding of their relationships. Firstly thinking Mrs. Heathcliff is married to old man Heathcliff, and when that falls through, he deems that the younger gentleman, the "clown" to his right, must be her husband and Heathcliff's son. Mr. Lockwood has a moment of brilliant insight when he realizes "she has thrown herself away upon that boor from sheer ignorance that better individuals existed! ... I must beware how I cause her to regret her choice." But don't think for a moment that our narrator is conceited, no, he assures us, "I knew, through experience, that I was tolerably attractive." Yeah, sure... 19th-century tool if I ever saw one. Of course, he's wrong again. It seems it's a madhouse full of all single people!

And so it goes.

Chapter Three does it get a bit ghastly with the child-ghost bleeding all over the window frame and all that moaning to be let in. *cold shiver up the spine*

So far, I'm enjoying it greatly. People are giving me some funny looks, though, when I mention how funny it is. Maybe I'm twisted. Or maybe I've got a long lost soul sister in Emily Bronte, who's probably smiling in her grave that finally someone else is in on the joke. ;)


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