What do you get when...

...you find a very sleepy, hungry, pms-y girl who has to get in an hour and a half workout before she gets to eat and relax? You get a Sarah on a Wednesday night in January. boo.

Warning: This is a lethal state of being and should be handled with care. May result in anxiety and life evaluation. If this occurs, distract immediately.

For example:
When someone loves you and you love them, the simplest, most natural thing is for the two of you go on loving each other, right? Seems like things aren't that easy.
What if you love someone who says they love you in return, yet their actions and efforts tell you otherwise?
What if someone loves you, and you love them too, but not in the same way...? Is it better to encourage their affection, knowing that it makes them happy? Or do you have to come clean and risk their unhappiness for a brief time in order to allow them a chance at greater happiness later?
How do you give someone up that you love but can't have?
What if someone told you they love you... and they lied?
Is love really all that important anyway? All the songs and movies and books imply that love is not enough.
Will there ever come a time in my life when I actually have a couple of answers instead of just billion questions? Is there no key at the back of the book with at least the answers to the odd numbered questions so I can reference my work?

Gah, enough of that. I'm going to sweat it out and hopefully return to that brain-dead approach I've come to love lately. Maybe it's not the healthiest, but it's so much easier. It's not like I control anything anyway, so I might as well let it go and just roll with the punches. There. Half-way better already. :)

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