Weak Sauce

Something crazy is going on today. I must have been slipped something in my sleep. I am pumped up. I have energy, and I'm exhausted all at once.
I want one thing one minute, and then I want the complete opposite the next.
I want to visit my friends in Bloomington. I want to cancel and go snuggle.
I want to take a nap. I want to do some hardcore cardio.
I want a blanket. I'm dying of heat.
I want... anything, I think, except to be here... at work... giving tours.
I think I'm having a nervous break down. Or I'm all jacked up on caffeine. I really can't tell.
I just know that today, my heart is beating way too fast, and my emotions are running way too high, and I've never been so indecisive in my life.
I want to be held. I don't want to be held down.
I guess this is called stream of consciousness. Which I think means that even I won't be able to understand when I go back and read it later.
I feel like doing something dangerous. I don't want to fall off the cliff.
I wonder if maybe it's time to think about climbing a new tree, turning over a new leaf, getting a fresh start. And if so, then what parts of my life would get a makeover?
It's a dangerous place today, my brain.
Uh oh. Tour time.

Seriously, though....
Someone please rescue me.
I'm dying here.

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