The Most Spectacular Saturday

This is has been the best Saturday in a loooong time. :)
I slept in until 9 am (and, trust me, it hurts to call that 'sleeping in'), and took my time enjoying some coffee and pancakes.
Around 10 am, I headed over for snuggle time, which resulted in a nap until about 1:30. <3
Hot tub action + delivery pizza + The Other Guys = an amazing way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Promptly followed by more snuggling. <3
However, I couldn't get back to sleep because I'm too pumped about going out to the Vogue tonight!

So I stole a few kisses and hit the road (what can I say? I'm a heartbreaker. ;)
Now, I've had dinner.
I've done my work out.
I have a couple of hours to shower and jam and consume more caffeine before dancing up a storm with a new friend!

Now, a little mood music... ;)

ps. Not the edited version. Be warned. lol

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