2011 Rocks My Socks So Far

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As you may or may not know, my stunning roommate Jasmine has an agent and has auditioned in L.A. and has a professional portfolio and all of that really cool stuff that lots of people dream about but never actually do.

Her next stop is NYC for a photo shoot with a New York photographer to give her portfolio that "edge" that everyone carries on about.
Because she loves me, and I've shamelessly admitted my intentions to ride on her coattails, she invited me to accompany her to NEW YORK CITY in February! Yes!

This will be my second trip to the Big Apple. Riding the subway, searching out famous film locations, hot dogs from the street vendor, Saks Fifth Avenue... *sigh*  
It's going to be so good. Not to mention witnessing an honest-to-goodness photo shoot , New York style. Maybe I'll even to get to catch a show this time! Everything about this makes me smile from head to toe. =)

So, we're working out like crazy. She wants to be hot for her shoot and, as for me, well... You never know when you're going to bump into Gerard at a coffee shop on Broadway in Times Square.

Do you think there's even a remote chance I'll catch a glimpse of him in those King Leonidas underoos?

Jasmine has cleared her work schedule. I got the okay yesterday. All we have to do is book our flight and hotel and ... well, show up!

If you catch me humming a little Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" in the next few weeks, now you know why. 

Start spreading the news.... 

New York, New York

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