June 6, 2011 - Ashley and Mo

The colors...

...and size reference. :)
This pattern is one that I've used several times for quick wedding presents because I always seem to wait til the last minute.
Basically, crochet a chain to the length you want to afghan to be.
For the first row *triple crochet, chain one, triple crochet* in every third stitch.
At the end of each row, chain three, and triple crochet once in the first chain-one-space and then repeat the * * in each V shaped stitch.
That's pretty much it.
It's super quick and easy and pretty with the little Vs running up and down it.
I may put some fringe on the ends if I feel crafty, but seeing as the wedding is Monday, most likely not.

Anyway, that's an easy do-it-yourself-er for a quick, beautiful gift. :)

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